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The Baltimore Ravens signing of Trent Richardson elicits jokes

The twitter-verse is full of comedy about the plodding running back...but will Ozzie have the last laugh?

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The world of 2016 is very fluid, and social media is a big reason why. With the news breaking of the Ravens signing former top 5 bust Trent Richardson, it is easy to find plenty of humorous comments about it. I searched twitter to find some of those, and here they are to satisfy your humor for the day.

If this happens, the factory of sadness might not recover.

Sounds about right.

#Janda has some competition...

Baltimore has had a strange week. But wait, Fowler just signed with the Cubs. Things are back to normal.

This guy is already predicting the future:

Wait, that one wasn't a joke? LOL!

Not like the Ravens are going to lose as many as last season. So this can't hurt.

This guys knows what system T-Rich looks good in...

This is guy must be an optimist:

This sounds about right. The question is who thought of the brilliant penalty for losing the bet?

This guy thought long and hard about it.

All laughs aside, time will tell whether Ozzie will have the last laugh about this signing. Richardson is still young, so if he can return to what made him a top 5 pick, maybe he can stick in the NFL and possibly even be a good player going forward.