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Mel Kiper: Ravens pick at six more valuable than expected

The Ravens should find value at their current slot of sixth overall

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

While most Ravens fans agree that the sixth overall pick feels one short of something truly special, Mel Kiper believes the Ravens will have options regardless.

In the latest mock draft Kiper has Joey Bosa landing with Baltimore at sixth overall, but isn't believing he is the be-all end-all of Raven selections. That's to say the pick would not be, in Kiper's words, "no-brainer."

"He's [Bosa] a pass rusher and that's what they need, I don't think it would be certainly a guarantee. ... That would not be easy."

While Kiper doesn't believe Bosa would be a guarantee, I surely do not see Ozzie & Eric skipping on Bosa for the other four names that Kiper mentioned.

  • Myles Jack
  • Ronnie Stanley
  • Vernon Hargreaves
  • DeForest Buckner

All four names have clear NFL talent, and I like to think I'd be happy with any of the selections, but Bosa is in my book as the best possible player to fall into the Ravens nest.

Jalen Ramsey has almost no chance of falling past the Jaguars, his athleticism and talent feels surefire NFL, and I'm wondering if anybody will pull the trigger earlier, based on BPA over need + BPA.

Myles Jack has been rumored to be moving up in the draft, maybe to the Ravens, and Kiper does have positive words about him.

"Myles Jack is a great linebacker who can play a variety of roles," Kiper stated. "He can cover. If you can run and cover and you're athletic and you can mirror in coverage, as Myles Jack can, you've got great value."

If Bosa isn't there at six, I see this being a very viable option for the Baltimore Ravens. This is a very tough pick to judge though, because there are others worthy of six, and it's a close race for Ozzie's draft style.

Mel Kiper seems very confident in one thing, and that is the Baltimore Ravens will not be trading out of the top ten.

"Think about this organization," Kiper said. "Jonathan Ogden, Jamal Lewis, Peter Boulware -- all the great players -- Chris McAlister, Duane Starks, Terrell Suggs. All top-10 picks. They built these Super Bowl teams in 2000 and a [few] years ago based on what happened in the top 10."

I don't see the Ravens trading out either, with exactly the same reasoning. When the Ravens FINALLY receive a top selection they do very well for themselves. The draft may be deep in some positions, but taking an extra pick over a top talent isn't quite as worth it. Ozzie may find another big cog to build a third Super Bowl Ravens team with such a big selection.