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Former First round pick Breshad Perriman confident he'll be ready come spring workouts

The #26 overall selection last year is supposedly on the way

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

"Just the smile that he had on his face when I saw him, I can anticipate at some point this spring he'll be out there ready to play." -Ozzie Newsome talking of Breshad Perriman on Wednesday at the NFL Combine.

What does Breshad smiling have to do with anything, especially health? A lot unfortunately.

Breshad was hurt, and not only physically. He hurt for his team, and hurt that he couldn't be on the field helping all of his teammates. A highly touted rookie who could be a serious weapon against NFL defenses, sitting on the sideline while the team struggled put him into quite the rough state mentally.

"I was in a dark hole for a good period of time," Perriman was quoted after his placement on the Injured Reserve list back in November.

Breshad was avoiding his teammates, and not talking with his parents after being sidelined. He knew his skills were something the Ravens desperately needed, but had no choice except to sit out due to injury.

With off-season workouts beginning April 18th, the expectations are Breshad Perriman participating. Off-season practices start a few weeks into May, and mandatory camp starts half-way through June. All of us, including Ozzie Newsome and Breshad hope the first round selection last draft will be there, healthy and catching passes from either Joe Flacco or some quarterback, depending upon Joe's health from ACL surgery.

Remember, this talented wide receiver played ONE day of practice before the PCL injury- therefore we all have no idea what Perriman is truly capable of. Whether he becomes a star or a complete bust, we all prefer to know now than having this constant hope slip through the gloves.

With this good news, we all can find out by the end of summer, for better or worse.