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Combine Film Preview #2: WR Braxton Miller

Join us with exclusive video and commentary from reporter Sarah Ellison to discuss the hybrid Ohio State athlete, making a change to WR for the combine!

Welcome back to the second Combine Film Preview with special guest commentator Sarah Ellison, of fame, as she is the editor of Ravens Late For Work and a writer/reporter at large for them.

At bat today: hybrid athlete Braxton Miller from Ohio State, who has solidified his position change to WR.

Miller is a 6' 2", 200 lb WR who is curiously still listed as a QB on the Ohio State University website. As a Sophomore, he led the Buckeyes to an undefeated, untied National Championship at that position. He switched to WR/H-back after 20 months of being out of football due to a shoulder injury and two surgeries. He saw some accolades for his limited action in this position, and is now trying to make the NFL as a wideout.

His performance at the most recent platform to demonstrate his receiving ability, the Senior Bowl, was not noticeable. I asked Ellison to share her observations in the aftermath.

Brown: Braxton Miller seemed focused and single-minded during Senior Bowl practices, then had a drop and few stats in the game. How do you think he will bounce back at the NFL Combine?

Ellison: NFL teams prefer to rely on tape when assessing prospects, but there’s just not a lot of tape on Braxton Miller in the wide receiver role. He transitioned there last year after a shoulder injury forced him to convert from quarterback, and Ohio State didn’t use him a whole lot in the offense. As such, he’ll need to show two things in the drills: 1) polish and 2) remarkable athleticism. Obviously, he’s going to need to time to develop into an NFL-ready receiver given his late start to the position, but it will help if he can show he’s picking the position up quickly. He already started that at the Senior Bowl and can keep the ball rolling in Indianapolis. The combine is designed to measure players’ athleticism, and that plays into Miller’s strong suit. He should excel there. His 40 time will be interesting to watch too. If he can add in positive interviews with NFL personnel and cast out any potential lingering injury concerns about his shoulder by passing medical tests, then his stock could rise.

Braxton Miller will be in Group #5, and wearing WO #27, officially a Combine Wideout.

For the NFL Combine Schedule, go here.

Miller's athleticism could get him a seat at the table. All eyes will be on him during the on-field drills, including a sold-out crowd.