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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

With 2016 season officially set begin in two weeks, the topic of discussion surrounding the Baltimore Ravens organization these days has been about their salary cap situation. What are the Ravens going to do with Joe Flacco's contract situation? With 28.5 million dollars against the 2016 cap, Flacco and his agent Joe Linta may be at the negotiating table soon as being reported via

But on a related note, recently published an article where they look at the teams around the league with the least amount of cap space. Despite the current situation the Ravens are in,'s Conor Orr is confident that the Ravens will handle things smoothly.

Baltimore Ravens Cap Space: $5,205,629


There's really no reason to panic as a Ravens fan considering they have the best GM, Ozzie Newsome, and one of the best cap managers, Eric DeCosta, in the NFL. Joe Flacco's cap number will need to be flattened out with a new contract. Dennis Pitta's deal will need to be worked out if he cannot complete a comeback from multiple hip injuries.

This is a veteran team still built to win and with Joe Flacco back, the Ravens have as good a shot as any at winning the AFC North again. Having veterans who understand how to get to the Super Bowl comes at a price -- just don't expect Baltimore to be super active in free agency. Re-signing Kelechi Osemele would be considered a big victory.

The current cap situation begs one question for the franchise as a whole and that is, will the Ravens have any other choice but to trade back a couple of spots in the NFL draft to gain more draft picks if there isn't enough salary cap room available? There's a good chance that the Ravens won't be very active if at all in free agency this offseason so would it be wise for the Ravens to trade back to accumulate more draft picks?

We could be looking at a situation where the Ravens could be struggling for cap room in the next couple of seasons so it would be interesting to see if the Ravens to go the route of trading back to obtain younger players who will be on cheap contracts.