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Laquon Treadwell not running at NFL Combine

The highly touted receiver will not be participating at Indianapolis this weekend.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Just about every 2016 NFL draft Big Board has Laquon Treadwell listed as their number one prospect at wide receiver. Most mock drafts have him being the first wide receiver off the board, usually headed to the San Francisco 49ers at pick seven. That's right, the mockers don't have the Ravens taking the top receiver in the year where they finally have the ability to take him. The main question that all the draftniks have with Treadwell is his speed, something that is tested at the combine. A good time would be a major boost to Treadwell, while a bad time would bump him down to the middle of the first round.

Well Treadwell is taking a big risk this week, as he will not be running at the NFL Combine this week. Treadwell has stated that he plans to train for the 40 yard dash in Miami and hopes to run a 4.4 or a 4.5. NFL scouts and general managers will be able to see Treadwell run the 40 at Ole Miss' Pro Day on March 28th,  which is more than a month from now.

A lot now hinges on how Treadwell runs at his Pro Day. If Treadwell runs slow, he could torpedo his draft stock and maybe even fall out of the first round entirely. If he runs that 4.4, he will solidify his spot as the best receiver in this draft and he might even be taken by the Ravens in the draft.