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If they weren't the Baltimore Ravens, what would they be named?

What would be a name for a Baltimore football club?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Stepping onto the field, the Baltimore _______!!

If they weren't the Baltimore Ravens, what would the Charm City squad be named?

A few names came to mind when looking through the history of Baltimore, and a few were worth a share. A quick shoutout to for all the Baltimore firsts in history, and most of my ideas.

The Baltimore Quakers: In 1785 the first general meeting of the Quakers took place in Baltimore, Maryland. Now it would never pass through the discussions as being a Quaker is a religion, therefore why would the NFL allow something such as that? The Dallas Christians, or the New York Protestants wouldn't become anything, and this shouldn't either. But it is a part of history and if the Washington Redskins can be a name, maybe this would somehow get through. Not the most ideal, but a possibility I thought.

The Baltimore Warships / The Baltimore Battleships: The USS Constellation back in 1797 was the First US war ship to capture an enemy vessel. Not the coolest name in the NFL, but a cool historical factoid that could trace back to the style of battling and fighting as a football team to capture and win victories against the opposition.

The Baltimore Stars: The Baltimore Stars is something worth a name. The Star-Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key at Fort McHenry back in 1814. A smooth name that can translate well as a logo, and a brand, but the biggest problem here is the Dallas Cowboys logo is a star. There is also not a single chance the NFL would have us be a star and force Jerry Jones to change the logo of "America's Team". Still really cool, and an interesting possibility.

The Baltimore Blue Crabs: With Baltimore very popular for their blue crab and Old Bay, I felt the most sensable name being the Blue Crabs could make the most sense. Crabs for being a strong creature both with offense and defense (claws and armor) and also the name blue for the blue collar style that the city of Baltimore is known for.

The Baltimore Ravens: This isn't even a competition, we all love the name, the reasoning behind it, and I am excited to never be a part of a group changing the name of this wonderful NFL franchise.