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Combine Film Preview #1: S Darian Thompson

Join us with exclusive video and commentary from reporter Sarah Ellison to discuss the dynamic playmaker from Boise State!

Welcome to the Combine Film Preview series, where Baltimore Beatdown has the honor and privilege of looking closely at certain prospects headed to the NFL Combine this weekend, courtesy of column Ravens Late for Work Editor/Writer Sarah Ellison, who pinpointed outstanding prospects at the Senior Bowl.

Darian Thompson is a 6'2", 212 pound redshirt Senior Safety from Boise State University.

I was able to have a virtual sit-down with Ellison and gauge her further thoughts about Thompson.  She has already done a profile on him, and her first-hand observations of him are a valuable commodity.

Brown: You pinpointed S Darian Thompson as a potential target for the Ravens secondary, and he showed why he deserved it, as MOP for the North team. What do you think he will look to demonstrate at the combine, after such a successful outing?

Ellison: There’s already plenty of tape for NFL scouts to sink their teeth into with Darian Thompson, along with impressive production and measurables. The Senior Bowl was just another building block on an already-accomplished resume. With Jalen Ramsey the clear-cut top safety in this year’s class, Thompson has the chance to separate from the next tier of safeties and become the second off the board. To do so, he’ll want to show high football IQ as the quarterback of the defensive backfield. He told me at the Senior Bowl that he attributes his Mountain West Conference-record 19 interceptions to film study. He’ll have a chance to show off that high IQ during whiteboard sessions. As a potential free safety, he’ll also wants to show he’s athletic, smooth and fluid in drills that test his backpedal, cuts and ability to change direction. He can solidify his reputation as an interceptions monster by showing strong ball-tracking skills and good hands.


Thompson will be in Group #11, wearing DB #54, and officially participating as a Free Safety.

Get more information about the schedule of the Combine here.

Want to go? Go here and apply for tickets. Being there sounds like fun.

What doesn't hurt the Ravens perspective of the Senior Bowl North team's Most Outstanding Player is that he has made it clear that he patterns his game after All-World Raven Ed Reed.

The road to the Ring of Honor just could begin this weekend.