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Getting to know Baltimore Ravens new secondary coach Leslie Frazier

Who is Leslie Frazier?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Two time Super Bowl Champion, and that's just the start.

Leslie Frazier is an amazing talent whether in history wearing the helmet, or the headset now.

The Baltimore Ravens are hoping he continues his great coaching tenure with Baltimore's recent secondary troubles being a huge weakness that have been attacked mercilessly. But who is the person that is coaching them now?

Leslie Frazier is a coach that has been NFL involved since 1981 as a player for the 1985 Chicago Bears. Leslie Frazier won a Super Bowl with the 1985 Bears, in fact leading the team in interceptions with 6 that season. Half way through the Super Bowl Frazier left the game, and would never return from a knee injury sustained on a punt return. Fortunately, he would return as a coach.

After a three year hiatus, Frazier became a head coach for Trinity International University. Eight years later he transferred to the University of Illinois, but short lived as within the next season the Philadelphia Eagles brought him on as the defensive backs coach. From there he has bounced around as a defensive coordinator, defensive assistant, head coach assistant, and a head coach. The head coaching was short lived, and eventually he would come to Baltimore.

Leslie Frazier was a part of another Super Bowl run, this time against the Chicago Bears. The Indianapolis Colts made it to the Super Bowl, and Leslie Frazier was the DB coach and assistant head coach. In the Super Bowl the Indianapolis Colts had two interceptions, one going back for a 56 yard touchdown. Clearly Frazier knows how to coach.

People have griped about Leslie's head coaching gig with the Minnesota Vikings, but this pick could easily re-vamp the lackluster (putting it lightly) defensive strength of Baltimore's cornerbacks and safeties. Expect to see Jimmy Smith hit the next level, and for the others around him to hopefully follow suit becoming better players. If the cornerbacks can find a way to defend longer than 2-3 seconds the pass rush weapons of Suggs, Dumervil, and Z. Smith could easily become more potent on third down conversions.