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The 2016 NFL Combine Schedule

Here is the most recent schedule released by the NFL for the National Invitation Camp this week in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Football never ends. The 2016 Season is officially on the clock!
Football never ends. The 2016 Season is officially on the clock!
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's Combine week!

National Invitational Camp (NIC), more commonly known as the NFL Combine, is touted by the NFL as "The ultimate 4-day interview" for top college prospects, complete with medical examinations, interviews, psychological evals, and physical workouts.

Thanks to the continued growth of the NFL Network, started in 1982 as a totally closed, medically-centered, barely covered event has become a major marker on the annual NFL calendar. The NFL Combine is upon us with a few changes but mostly as the official beginning of the countdown to the 2016 NFL season.

The main changes are: the RB group and the TE groups have switched in position on the schedule-- RBs will now workout on the first day of on-field drills, whereas the TEs will now be with the QBs and Wideouts (WO); and that fans are now being integrated to this event, but only for the 'skill positions,' watching the drills of the QBs, WOs, and TEs on Saturday only. If you are interested in attending, go here.

The schedules for position groups for the week are as follows:

The On-Field Workout for Groups 1-3 will be covered by the NFL Network beginning at 9am on Friday. Baltimore Beatdown will update this article as the more detailed timing of the schedule is released. PK=Placekickers, ST=Special Teamers (Punters, etc.--see below)

The On-Field Workouts for Groups 4 and 5 are set to begin at 9am and 1pm on Saturday, judging by the fan schedule crossed with the television schedule. Again, this will be updted as the events get closer.

The On-Field Workouts for Groups 7-9 begin at 9am on Sunday the 28th.

The On-Fields for the two separate DB groups will happen at 9am and 1pm on Monday the 29th, subject to change and clarification.

I spoke to Hall of Famer Bill Polian on NFL Radio and asked about the differentiation in name between the Placekickers group (PK) and the Special Teamers group (ST). He said there are kickers in one and kickers and punters in the other, but that Long Snappers are included in the latter. "You can ask to come over to that group and try as a long snapper," he said. "Some guys do that."

For a detailed explanation of the drills for each position, visit's Mike Mayock here.

Keep it locked on, as we cover the 2016 NFL Combine.