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AFC Championship Flashback: 2000 Ravens take out the Raiders 16-3

Jeff Haynes
Jeff Haynes
Getty Images

On this throwback edition reviewing games from the Baltimore Ravens 20 year history, we look back at the 2000 AFC championship game as the Ravens defense completely dominated a high powered Oakland Raiders offense on the road by the score of 16-3.

Everyone talks about the dominance that the Ravens defense displayed in Super Bowl 35 against the New York Giants and rightfully so. But if you want to check out a game that perfectly described the level of burden that the Ravens defense had to carry in 2000, this AFC championship game against the Raiders is exhibit A.

The only help provided by the Ravens offense on that day was a 96 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Trent Dilfer to hall of fame tight end Shannon Sharpe. That 96 yard touchdown pass so happens to be the longest touchdown pass in NFL playoff history. Go figure.

The Raiders offense entered this game against the Ravens defense averaging 29.9 points a game  and were held to three points. As a matter of fact, the 2000 Ravens defense played two of the top three scoring offenses in the playoffs that season and held both teams to a combined total of six points.

The other team the Ravens faced that year was the Denver Broncos in the AFC Wild Card round where the Ravens won 21-3 and the Broncos averaged 30.3 points a game on the season. So whenever someone tries to discredit the 2000 Ravens defense by saying they didn't play very good offenses, just remind them of that.

Enjoy the game!