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Baltimore Ravens Outside Linebacker Terrell Suggs Should not be Relied on in 2016

Terrell Suggs making a full recovery should not be taken for granted.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens' fans seem to find solace in the fact the Terrell Suggs will be back to be a apart of the defense in the coming season. While Suggs will indeed return in body, there is no way for the fans to know to what ends will he be healthy.

Suggs came back from his first Achilles tear in 2012 slightly overweight and not as explosive. It is only realistic to assume he will again, not come back as explosive as he was as he had his second Achilles tear in week 1 of the 2015 season against the Denver Broncos. His ability to bend the edge and to convert speed to power will likely take a hit.

With that in mind, it is only realistic to expect about six to nine sacks from Suggs from here on out. It makes it essential to add a third rusher, as it is likely that six to nine sacks will not take the defense to new heights.

The Ravens should plan their 2016 offseason as if Suggs were to retire. If the opportunity arises, a free agent being the right player and coming with the right price tag should not be passed on because Suggs should not be expected to fix all of the Ravens problems on defense.

It is unfair to pin the struggle of the entire defense on Suggs shoulders, calling it a "domino effect". It is therefore in consequence also unfair to expect him to fix everything.

The defense needs an infusion of talent on all levels. One player, albeit traditionally very good, should not alter the Ravens approach going forward.