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What Should Be Expected From Baltimore Ravens Cornerback Tray Walker

Baltimore Ravens secondary coach Leslie Frazier could bring out the best from the young cornerback.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Tray Walker only played eight defensive snaps on defense this prior season in 2015. Even with the season being lost, while Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was giving younger players extended playing time, Walker was nowhere to be found.

However, Harbaugh only had positive things to say in the end-of-season press conference, stating that even if he had a long way to go as a player, he learned a lot and was ultra coachable.

So Walker goes into his second season with a lot to gain and not much to lose. He could have a chance to earn time at the third corner spot, if Shareece Wright is not re-signed or even if he were to beat him out in camp.

The addition of secondary coach Leslie Frazier should only help Walker. Frazier is a proven commodity as a coach and specifically when coaching defensive backs. One could expect Walker's technique to improve. Add improved technique to a 6'3" cornerback and it would be reasonable to expect Walker to make huge strides. He brings an uncanny combination of length, fluidity and ball-skills which will allow the Ravens defense to matchup with all types of receivers.

The secondary is at a crossroad. Another underwhelming season could prove to be fatal for a lot of mainstays, as I would not be surprised if wholesale changes were to be made to the defensive side of the ball during the 2017 offseason.