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Super Bowl 50: Best Proposition Bets

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers are currently favored by 5.5 points with the over-under set at 45.  The bookmakers in Las Vegas analyze all big games in such great detail that there is little value to be found using the standard against the spread or total betting lines.  Of course, many local Super Bowl parties invite the guests to join in a box pool, but do you really trust the host to give you a fair chance at the 0,1,3 and 4 boxes? has posted some proposition bets that may be worth gambling on:

First Scoring Play

Combine Panthers Field Goal 13-4 with Broncos Field Goal 9-2

*The weather in San Francisco is forecasted to be 70 degrees and sunny with a light wind and no rain.  Both teams have strong defenses and reliable kickers.  Favorable odds for a field goal first.

Total Sacks by Both Teams

Take the Over 5.5

*Immobile Peyton Manning is expected to be under heavy duress behind a weak offensive line against the Panthers interior pass rush.  On the other side of the ball, the Broncos pair a fierce pass rush with tight press man coverage, a potent combination that can harass even the elusive Cam Newton.

Total Interceptions by Both Teams

Take the Over 1.5

*The Panthers use a Cover 3 zone primarily that should force a weak armed Manning to fit throws into tight windows.  The Broncos should be able to prevent separation from the receivers with their elite coverage defensive backs and inside linebackers.  Newton has a tendency to miss high occasionally and could feel the pressure of his first Super Bowl.

Individual Player Futures

Cam Newton over 50 rushing yards 3-2

Cam Newton to have 10 or more rushing attempts 8-5

*The Panthers game plan will put the ball in Newton's hands on designed runs and he will be forced to scramble when his receivers are covered.

Emmanuel Sanders over 75 receiving yards 1-1

*Sanders will serve as Manning's primary target with a struggling Thomas matched up against Norman.  Expect an early deep shot to Sanders

Luke Kuechly to record an interception 11-4

*Keuchly will be stalking Daniels on third down and in the red zone.

Von Miller records 2 or more sacks 7-2

*Miller will be attacking off the edges against Carolina's vulnerable offensive tackles and spying Newton.

Good Luck