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A Quiz to help you choose your Super Bowl rooting interest

Of course, this is if you aren't gambling. If you are gambling, go ahead and root for the money. Unless you have some superstition about that. Wait--did I jinx you?!

Who should you root for?
Who should you root for?
The Sporting News

We here at are full service fansite workers. That is, we want to offer our help in as many ways possible to make your journey, O' Ravens Nation, a safe and pleasant one, as well as QB-smashing and 7-Nationing. In light of this ethic, we'd like to present an avenue to make your rooting choice for Super Bowl Sunday an easy one.

The following is a quiz that you can take to simply hone your rooting interest.  Because some camps say that Ravens should stay loyal to the AFC and cheer on the Broncs, and some say that we should begrudge the team that beat us on a non-Pass Interference call (who knows how the season would've gone had we gotten that) and go for the Panths.

Those cool name abbreviations are mine and you're free to embed them.

Speaking of free to embed, the quiz.

May it aid your choice. Or at least make you laugh.

NOTE: On the Hot Girl part, please picture Pam Grier in her prime, to be fair. The lovely and stately woman has aged far better than I ever will, but we have to make the field level.

Courtesy ESPN

If I have learned anything about my beloved brothers and sisters in purple and black, it's that the choice is probably a unanimous chorus:

"None of the above."