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Panthers Fans Demonstrate to the Entire League How NOT to Rap

Dubbed "The Super Bowl Shouldn't" by anyone with even a mustard seed of taste in music, this fan-made rap anthem for the Panthers is worth a viral laugh, or eighteen.

Kids, and everyone with a human brain, do NOT try this at home.
Kids, and everyone with a human brain, do NOT try this at home.

Ravens fans, promise me you won't do this next year.

No matter how giddy we are at getting to Super Bowl LI, no matter how thrilled we stand at Perriman's mercuric rise to stardom, no matter how proud we are of that exceptional rookie class, we must stay above this delineation.

Ked Woodley, a Carolina Panther fan and ....hip-hop mogul?...has posted a video and then a sequel saluting his Panthers in song.  It has gone viral with over 468,000 views.

Perhaps he should consider monetizing it...?!?!

I digress.

This video in some ways portrays the beauty of our Country, how many different people can love different styles, etc.

Aaaand, in some ways, is depicts we Americans as crazy like fox [sic].  Especially Southerners.  Especially North Carolinians. Just ask Michael Campanaro or James Hurst, or Chris Givens, not all of NC is like this.

With no further ado, I present to you: well, I don't really know what to call this.  The Moonshine of Panthers Anthems.



Sigh again.

Spit out beverage in laughter and cover temple with hand.

Not because of this one, but because Ked came out like the gym shoe, advancing to 'Pro-Keds,' and delivered a sequel:

Why did they have to do it in between the manufactured homes? Why o why?!

Let us all join together in thanking Panthers Nation for this lesson. Next year, we'll leave it to the pros.