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Best and worst parts of being a Baltimore Ravens football fan

I can think of at least one more.

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There is a lot of good mixed with a lot of bad being a fan of the Baltimore Ravens. We fans already know most, but it's always fun to share a few every once in awhile. Feel free to add in a grow the list, I know I won't hit all of them.

Starting off with the bad has always been something I've done on lists. That way you can enjoy the good at the end.


  • Ray Rice - The amount of terrible jokes, puns, and discussions after a stranger sees my Ravens t-shirt or jersey is staggering. Yes, I'm a fan of the Ravens, no I don't want to hear any mention of an elevator you stranger.
  • Ray Lewis - "Ravens fan huh? So you cheer for a murderer?" I mean, Exhibit A of this can be found by a professional sports writer. Feel free to read.
  • Ray Lewis again - The man can go off on quite the tangents. He is a powerful and emotional leader. But he don't make sense sometimes, even Flacco agrees.
  • Art Modell - We lose a team and nobody complains. We "steal" a team back and we're the bad guys. But let's not talk about Irsay PACKING THE TEAM IN MAYFLOWER TRUCKS AT MIDNIGHT TO DISAPPEAR!
  • Wide Receiver - Sure would love a pro-bowl receiver someday... Just once is all we're asking
  • Flacco's contract - Ravens fans completely understand the contract of Joe Flacco, but everybody else loves to bring up the "team crippling greedy unibrow". Reading into it fans would understand.
  • NFL Drafts - This is an anomaly year, as the Ravens usually draft extremely late with constant successful seasons. The bore of 23-32 is never as pleasurable as a top 10 pick, and even then the trade down is never fun for fans.
  • Steelers fans - Somehow we have forgotten they have six ringz and no matter we are a 20 year franchise we aren't on their level because of it.
  • Billy Cundiff - I refuse to explain why
  • Lee Evans - (See: Billy Cundiff)

This list could easily be worst. No super-bowls would be terrible, especially recent ones.


  • Ray Lewis - A Hall of Fame linebacker, and top three all time.
  • Jonathan Ogden - The "mammoth left tackle" became the first pick by Baltimore, and he wears a gold jacket
  • Ed Reed - Hall of Fame safety, and the best of all time
  • Joe Flacco - The man posted the greatest post-season stretch in NFL History
  • Jamal Lewis - An under-appreciated player in history. Second most yards in an NFL game, a 2,000 yard season, and the drive to help drag the team to a Super Bowl
  • 2000 Defense - All time great, a top defense in the NFL history books
  • 2006 Defense - Another all time great, just didn't cap it off in the end
  • Marshal Yanda - A hall of fame worthy guard, you want to talk 'Play like a Raven', observe this man
  • Terrell Suggs - He may be crazy, but he's our crazy. The man has been an outstanding leader here on the field, and in the locker room
  • Torrey Smith - A Maryland product, and the game against New England after his brothers passing. Great story, and a great person who helped the community frequently and to my knowledge still does
  • Super Bowl championships - One winning on a historically great defense, the other being the true underdog story
  • The City of Baltimore - The true blue collar attitude that embodies the city on the field every Sunday.
  • Steve Bisciotti - An amazing NFL owner that we all can love and appreciate, especially in the midst of terrible NFL owners all around
  • Ozzie Newsome - A hero of a General Manager who stuck by now for 21 years building a franchise of greatness
  • Eric DeCosta - The successor to the Wizard who has never left Baltimore knowing the torch will be passed eventually. Every year Ravens receive requests for interviews for Eric. They are granted, but Eric declines because he will be sticking here in Charm City
  • John Harbaugh - An oustanding individual and coach, a true leader of men
  • Johnny Unitas - His history was requested to be in Baltimore, and I can't help but love the man deciding he wasn't a part of Indy, a true Baltimore Colt for life.

Clearly I didn't hit every point, if I did I'd never finish this. But I am more than likely missing big parts. Feel free to keep the list going, good or bad.