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Mayocks top 5 per position; Who the Baltimore Ravens are interested in

Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mayock has released his Top 5 players per position that are in the 2016 NFL Draft. Instead of the full list being posted, I have below the players and ranking the Baltimore Ravens would easily be interested in. Some are worthy of the #6 overall ranking, while some we pray take a fallout to the second round.


  1. Laquon Treadwell
  2. Corey Coleman
  3. Michael Thomas
  4. Josh Doctson
  5. Will Fuller

Baltimore will obviously be interested in all five prospects. Any receiver in the draft has been looked over I can only imagine. The only one I see on this list worthy of the sixth overall is Laquon. A recent post from yours truly can give you multiple reasons why the Ravens should consider this selection.

Offensive Tackle:

  1. Laremy Tunsil
  2. Ronnie Stanley
  3. Jack Conklin
  4. Taylor Decker
  5. Willie Beavers

If Laremy somehow fell past Tennessee, Cleveland, San Diego, AND Jacksonville the Ravens would have the fastest sprinter on the team take the pick to Roger Goodell and put the pick in for Tunsil. That won't be happening though, and Ronnie Stanley has been linked to be the Ravens pick at six. Whether it happens or not clearly remains to be seen, but the Ravens would love a tackle re-placement for injury prone Eugene Monroe.

Interior defensive line:

  1. DeForest Buckner
  2. Robert Nkemdiche
  3. Sheldon Rankins
  4. Jarran Reed
  5. A'Shawn Robinson

Baltimore needs to establish a new pass rush torch holder. Terrell Suggs on his second achilles tear and 33 years old. Elvis Dumervil is 32 years old. Clearly Baltimore needs a changing of the guard. DeForest Buckner is worthy of 6th overall, and a dream scenario falling past Dallas.

Edge rusher:

  1. Joey Bosa
  2. Noah Spence
  3. Shaq Lawson
  4. Leonard Floyd
  5. Kevin Dodd

If there is a purple and black loving football god he would let Joey Bosa fall from graces and Ozzie Newsome to sew the wings back on. Bosa on the Ravens could transform back into a wonderful talent tormenting the AFC North for another long tenure. Noah Spence has been strangely linked to Baltimore at number six, but I'm currently not buying into that stock. Maybe after the combine. I am a big fan of Shaq Lawson, and Kevin Dodd is no slouch. Both are talented edge players, but I'm not picking either at six overall.


  1. Jaylon Smith
  2. Myles Jack

The only two I would expect Baltimore to be truly interested in here. These two could be the trade down prospects that Baltimore is known for. Daryl Smith is getting up in age, and he can't mentor C.J. Mosley forever. Mosley is handling the team by this years end, and Daryl will more than likely hang it up. If that's the case, the Ravens getting a year early linebacker is positive.


  1. Jalen Ramsey
  2. Vernon Hargreaves
  3. Mackensie Alexander
  4. Eli Apple
  5. Cyrus Jones

If you can play pass-coverage, you're on the Ravens radar simple as that. All five names are worth noting, especially the top two. Jalen Ramsey would be another gift if Dallas and San Diego go reaching and Jacksonville goes edge rusher over Ramsey. The likelihood is small, and therefore the biggest link has been Hargreaves, another talented CB. Not truly a top 6 talent, but maybe a change come combine time. Mackensie Alexander has been discussed more and more recently, but if VH3 isn't in top six, why would Mack Alex?


  1. Karl Joseph
  2. Vonn Bell
  3. Darien Thompson
  4. Miles Killebrew
  5. Jeremy Cash

Obviously another position Ravens would love to get a top 5 draft talent in. The Ravens haven't talked safety in the draft a lot, and a strange surplus is the reason. Baltimore has the final year of Matt Elam's contract on hand, Terrence Brooks will be healthy, Kendrick Lewis is still under contract, and Will Hill III is an obvious starter on almost any team in the NFL. Therefore safety won't be a top consideration.

Overall, if each one of Mayock's top 5 went off the board in perfect succession the Ravens only receive 2 of 60. That isn't how the NFL Draft works though. Trades, reaches, needs, and mistakes are common, and because of that the Ravens have a chance to land maybe three or a wonderful four of the top sixty talents in the draft. Hoping they are the best two is our job, finding them is Ozzie and Eric's.