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Baltimore Ravens offensive line middle of the pack when it comes to age

Snap weighted base has Ravens 16th in the league

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens offensive line was... something this season. At times we watched Kelechi Osemele eating up defenders and spitting them out with Javorius Allen or Justin Forsett hitting the sprints hard. You can also attest Marshal Yanda did that all season. But at different points players were shifting around, back-ups and replacements arriving frequently and the line was only getting worse. Ricky Wagner not doing so well didn't help either.

Baltimore has been tied with Ronnie Stanley at number six, and that may help in a few areas.

  1. The Eugene Monroe expirement will officially be over, and the Ravens can hope to save a few dollars
  2. Kelechi Osemele is heading for the payday parade, and the Ravens may not land the new deal
  3. The Ravens age of offensive lineman on a snap-weighted basis.

Number three is not like the others, and that's something to talk about.

The Ravens are ranked exactly middle of the pack at 16th in the NFL on a snap-weighted basis for the offensive line.

Rk Team SWAge
1 Titans 25.2
2 Rams 25.2
3 Patriots 25.6
4 Seahawks 25.8
5 Chiefs 25.9
6 Lions 26.0
7 Washington 26.2
8 Giants 26.2
9 Cowboys 26.3
10 Dolphins 26.5
11 Colts 26.5
12 Packers 26.6
13 Chargers 26.7
14 Jaguars 26.8
15 Panthers 26.9
16 Ravens 27.2
17 Texans 27.2
18 Bears 27.3
19 Bills 27.5
20 Buccaneers 27.7
21 Vikings 27.7
22 Bengals 27.7
23 Raiders 28.1
24 Browns 28.2
25 Broncos 28.2
26 Falcons 28.2
27 Cardinals 28.3
28 Steelers 28.3
29 Saints 28.4
30 Eagles 28.5
31 49ers 28.6
32 Jets


The age isn't the be all end all ranking for NFL teams on talent. 16th isn't the worst, not by a longshot. The measurement isn't ranking best NFL offensive lines. You'll notice the Cowboys are the 9th youngest, the Jets are the oldest. Both are good lines, but aged much differently.

The oldest aged line in the NFL is the New York Jets'. A very talented line clearly held together by D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, and Breno Giacomini. All very talented lineman. Now the Jets have to be drafting newer lineman or they could become bottom feeders awfully quick. But clearly last year they held strong keeping Ryan Fitzpatrick together to toss Eric Decker & Brandon Marshalltandem touchdown record.

Youngest lineman aren't the most prolific lines either, with Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota taking an absolute beating, and also expecting to draft a tackle with the first overall pick this year. We all saw the New England Patriots patchwork o-line this season, and Brady's <2 second release saving the bacon many games.

What I'm getting at here is being a year early than a year too late. Being behind the 8-ball is something the Ravens need to be, especially with contracts being not in the Ravens favor lately (Webb, Rice, Pitta, Monroe).

Stanley doesn't seem so bad now, and getting younger while acquiring a franchise tackle could benefit Baltimore greatly.