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Kelechi Osemele ranked top 10 for PFF Free Agents 2016

Too valuable to let go, too expensive to keep?

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus has released their Top 75 Free Agents list for the 2016 season, and on there is the lone Raven Kelechi Osemele sitting at number seven. Putting this in perspective big KO is ranked above Eric Berry, Malik Jackson, Kirk Cousins, and many, many others.

This ranking is clearly showing the Baltimore Ravens need to make a deal with Kelechi Osemele. The Ravens have enough trouble, and losing a pro-bowl guard who can also play tackle when called upon is a vital piece.

The Ravens are missing pieces at Tackle, safety, cornerback, wide receiver, and outside linebacker. The Ravens need depth in even more areas. This squad can't truly afford to lose a top ten free agent, and with the NFL Cap rising to a rumored $155 million dollars they may just dole out the money to keep the talented guard.

Obviously it won't be easy, the Ravens have tough contracts to either void, re-structure, or accept the fate of. To tack on, other squads may not think of Kelechi as a guard but instead a tackle. Osemele's price tag will sky-rocket if that is the case.

Top dollar contracts for tackles: Tyron Smith; $97.6 M | Joe Thomas; $80.5 M | Trent Williams; $68 M

Top dollar contracts for guards: Logan Mankins; $51 M | Andy Levitre $46.8 M | Mike Iupati; $40 M

Now obviously Kelechi isn't going to be on the same pay grade as either Tyron Smith or Logan Mankins, he's not on their level, but to show comparison the pay from tackle to guard is almost double. Worries are free agency isn't about paying based purely off their skill, but over-paying to acquire needs. Kelechi Osemele fills a need on almost all teams, and this could be the kicker on how the Ravens refuse to match other teams offers.