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Former Ravens Scout Daniel Jeremiah Sees Jalen Ramsey as Destined for Baltimore

The analyst, familiar with the Ravens organization from the inside out, is steadfast in his insistence that Ramsey will be around at the 6th pick. Here's why.

Will Commissioner Goodell announce another non-defenseive back as Jacksonville's #5 pick?
Will Commissioner Goodell announce another non-defenseive back as Jacksonville's #5 pick?
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Jeremiah, current analyst for NFL Network and former Baltimore Ravens scout staff member, is not toning down his projection of FSU Cornerback Jalen Ramsey being a spot-on pick for the Ravens at the 6th position in the NFL draft.

Even though his colleagues, his peers in the field, and the members of the Baltimore Beatdown staff see Ramsey's availability as not lasting that long.

"When I look at Jalen Ramsey, you watch him, to me, that's the piece that Baltimore needs because they have not had a playmaker back there in the back end. They need to get one," Jeremiah said on his podcast. "Ramsey to me gives you that elite playmaker. I think they would play him at safety and let him really wreak havoc back there."

Jeremiah has Oregon DE DeForest Buckner going to the Jacksonville Jaguars with the 5th pick, a popular spot for Ramsey, according to numerous prognosticators. That Jeremiah is insisting on Ramsey being a Ravens fit is notable because of Jeremiah's familiarity with the Ravens organization. He was around when Ed Reed had dominating years and performances, and he may just recognize a similar playmaking trait in the young Seminole.

A major factor is who the Jaguars will pick in the 5th slot. Their Head Coach, Gus Bradley, is contracted for one more year and the pressure is on for him to see some success. The defensive-minded leader came from Seattle, where he helped build the defense which boasts the "Legion of Boom" secondary. That spells a shoo-in for him to select a DB with a high pick, right?

Perhaps not. His first pick as a Seahawk was actually a rush linebacker. Perennial All-Pro Earl Thomas III was not drafted until the next season.

As their second pick.

Baltimore fans can grasp on to the morsel of hope that Ramsey will slide by.