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Is Laquon Treadwell even the best receiver in the draft class?

Treadwell's name has started to be associated with the Ravens at pick number six, but is he even the best at his position?

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Laquon Treadwell's name has been commonplace at the tops of draft boards so far, but is the hype justified? Treadwell has been sitting pretty at the top part of the draft for quite some time now, but the upcoming combines might just shake up the competition at wide receiver, where some unheralded names might break through to the top.

While there's no doubting that Treadwell possesses the size and hands that scouts see in their dreams, there are some real concerns regarding his speed and ability to break away from defenders. Some scouts are seriously doubting how Treadwell will perform against some of the league's better press corners- they view him as a real red-zone target, but have qualms about his all-around abilities. While Treadwell has tremendous blocking abilities and of course, the size, he may be nothing more than a possession receiver in the NFL. He's not the Top 10 receiver that we have built him up to be.

So who is really the best receiver up for selection this year?

Enter Corey Coleman, the speedy slot guy out of Baylor. Coleman's name hasn't been spoken of much in draft circles thus far, but is expected to become more of a household name after the combines. While Coleman is admittedly a bit undersized, he makes up for it in speed. Coleman can take the top off any secondary, make spectacular catches, and has a knack for the end-zone. He's like a better Tavon Austin.

While Coleman is a little less polished than say Treadwell or Ohio State's Michael Thomas, he should pay great dividends. First round receivers aren't drafted to be middle-of-the-road possession guys, they're selected to be stars, and Coleman has the best chance to make an impact of any receiver in this class.