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Baltimore Ravens 2016 Offseason: Free Agent Breakdown: Shareece Wright

A wholesale look at the unrestricted free agent, his production, his salary, and whether or not the Ravens should keep him.

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CB Shareece Wright's future is looking up.
CB Shareece Wright's future is looking up.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Shareece Wright is a 28 year old, fifth year cornerback out of the University of Southern California. Originally drafted by the San Diego Chargers in round three of the 2011 draft, Wright signed a one year, $2.95 million dollar contract with the San Francisco 49ers when his rookie contract was done in 2015. Having been mired in the depth chart after a coaching staff mix-up, Wright was released in October of 2015 and was signed by the Ravens three days later to a one year, $900,000 dollar contract prorated to the 4th week of the season.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh spoke well of him on a couple of occasions, and he earned his keep during the season. Harbaugh previously knew Wright, as did Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith, who played with him at Colton High School in Southern California.

Pro Football Focus graded Wright as the best CB on the team for this season:

source: PFF does a valuation which is "based on a mathematical comparison of their current salary against their cumulative "production points"."  On this list, Wright is placed 41st amongst NFL corners, but perhaps the more accurate comparison is to group him with those with similar salaried. Look at the grey box for the valuation.


Wright's score does not compare favorably to most of his peers. Keep in mind that he did not actually make $900,000 in 2015, but a prorated amount; he still will be evaluated at the level of his contract worth, which is $900,000.  This bodes well for the Ravens in negotiations. He could be signed for a reasonable price, loaded with incentives.

Best Play:

In a crucial 4th Quarter drive, Wright tackled running back Duke Johnson of the Cleveland Browns for a nine yard loss.

Worst Play:

Former Raven Torrey Smith torches Wright for a 77 yard touchdown in Wright's first game as a Raven, against his former team as well, the 49ers.


Wright has a lot of potential in that he is playing with a childhood best friend, and to prove that he belongs. He has said that he is looking forward to having an offseason of learning the playbook more, and participating in Organized Team Activities (OTA). With Ravens cornerback Will Davis planning on putting some real heat for playing time, it might be a perfect crucible for Wright to rise--at a great price for the Ravens.