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2016 Baltimore Ravens Depth Chart: Wide Receiver

Continuing our look at the Ravens roster....

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL season is over and free agency and the draft will soon be upon us. The Ravens will soon be making decisions on which players should be kept and which players should be allowed to walk. I will give my opinions on who should be kept and who should be released. Today, we will look at the Ravens wide receiver corps.

The Players: Breshad Perriman, Steve Smith Sr., Kamar Aiken, Jeremy Butler, Michael CampanaroDaniel Brown, Marlon Brown, Chris Matthews, Chris Givens, Cam Worthy, Darren Waller

Breshad Perriman will definitely be on the 2016 roster. He's a first rounder and cutting him after one season would be insane. Steve Smith Sr. has confirmed that he will return for the 2016 season, so he's going to be on the roster. Kamar Aiken had a good season this year and he is one of the few receivers on the team that actually has chemistry with Joe. He's earned a spot on the roster and the Ravens should be able to bring the RFA back. Jeremy Butler was able to overtake Chris Givens as the number two receiver in the second half of the season. He should make the 2016 roster and as an Exclusive Rights Free Agents, he belongs to the Ravens.

Michael Campanaro is under contract by the Ravens and he's shown that he can be a playmaker, but his problem these past few years has been health. If Campanaro can't stay healthy next year, his Ravens tenure might be over.

Darren Waller is an intriguing prospect and I don't think the Ravens will give up on him quickly, but he is a sixth round pick and if he wants to stay on the team, he'll need to be healthy and polish his game in 2016.

Chris Matthews made some plays this year. He will probably get a camp invite and a spot on the practice squad. He may even replace Darren Waller if he outplays him in camp. Daniel Brown will probably be placed on the practice squad.

Cam Worthy missed all of training camp. He'll have to work hard to make the practice squad. Marlon Brown has failed to build off of his 2013 season. He's an ERFA, but I can't see the team bringing him back. Chris Givens was a disappointment as a free agent signing and Jeremy Butler overtook him as the #2 receiver during the second half of the season. I don't see the Ravens re-signing him.

The first three or four spots on the Ravens wide receiver depth chart are already filled, but the bottom two or three spots could be mixed up if the Ravens choose to take a wide receiver in the draft, especially if he is a high selection.