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Baltimore Ravens only AFC North team to not make a Super Bowl in the next 25 years?

In Thomas Neumann's projecting of the next 25 Super Bowl matchups, the Ravens are shut out from winning the AFC...

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, I am aware that the whole exercise is a playful projection which does not mean anything and is not based on anything concrete. Yet somehow, the Baltimore Ravens were once again left out.

ESPN writer Thomas Neumann wrote an article It's never too early to predict the next 25 Super Bowl champions, where he whimsically suggests the matchups and winners of each Super Bowl for the next 25 years. He includes hypothetical future teams like the Los Angeles Chargers of Anaheim, the St. Louis Stallions, Los Jaguares del Mundo, Las Vegas Scorpions, San Antonio Chupacabras, London Monarchs, Portland Sasquatches, Mexico City Diablos, Honolulu Tropics,Dublin Shamrocks, Sydney Tsunami, Tokyo Rising Suns, Cape Town Rhinos; additions like the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal  Alouettes from the CFL, and LSU Tigers Alabama Crimson Tide from the NCAA.

Neumann has the Cincinnati Bengals losing Super Bowl LXIII, the Pittsburgh Steelers winning LXVIII, and the Cleveland Browns improbably losing both Super Bowl LXIV and LXXV. with 2 different quarterbacks. There are more than 30 different teams making a Super Bowl in the column, yet somehow, the Ravens are once again overlooked. Even in the world of make believe, the Ravens cannot garner any respect. Sound like real life, doesn't it?