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2016 NFL Draft prospect profile: Baltimore Ravens trade down prospect Josh Doctson

Ozzie has shown a tendency to trade back...

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

While the Ravens currently hold the sixth overall pick in the draft, we all know Ozzie Newsome is one to trade back when the best player available isn't a good value. Newsome and DeCosta both love draft picks, and will always attempt to receive better value if the trade is there. A rumored player if a trade happens is Josh Doctson, wide receiver from TCU.

This here is the best I could find, but there are multiple posts on YouTube pertaining to Doctson's talent.

He fits the need of Baltimore and their style. A big receiver with strong hands and good body control to reel in the tough catches when the speed receiver down the field can't peel off from the defensive backs coverage.


  • 6'4" 190 lbs.
  • Strong hands from mid-field to red-zone
  • Great leaping ability to go and get the contested catches
  • Body control that can adjust mid-air
  • Great yards after catch ability, agility and trucking are both traits he shows
  • Great stop and go speed. Knows when to stutter hard, soft, or hit the gas
  • Vertical routes are smooth, transitioning to maneuver where defensive backs aren't protecting


  • Tall, but not big enough yet, weight room is necessary in the future
  • Lack of consistency as a blocker
  • Press coverage wasn't frequent, but when pressed Doctson struggled
  • Rounded routes on breaking routes
  • Broken wrist in November

In my mind Doctson was easily a security blanket to help quarterback Trevone Boykin flourish as a passer. Boykin also seemed to agree, saying Doctson was a security blanket for quarterbacks. When in trouble Joe Flacco could trust that the pass heaved in the air downfield could either be hauled in, or boxed away from a cornerback attempting to steal it away. Cornerbacks in the NFL are going to be much stronger and harder to win against, but if Doctson can dedicate himself to bulking up, expect him to start reeling in more quality receptions, and hit the highlight reel in 1 on 1 situations. I don't see him as better than Laquon Treadwell, but if it's either Treadwell at 6, or a trade back including some great next year selections and Doctson, expect Ozzie to pull the trigger on the trade.