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NFL Teams as Vehicles: AFC North edition

After the 2015 season concludes, if an NFL team were a vehicle, what would they look like based on what you saw this past season?

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The unique thing about the NFL is the fact that every team has their own identity for better or for worse. The environment that an NFL team plays in tends to dictate what the philosophy will be for the team as well.

For example, if you are cold weather team, your identity might be one that is physical on defense and run the ball on offense due to the fact that throwing the ball in cold and windy weather isn't always ideal. If you are a team that plays in the warm weather or in a dome, you might gear your team to be a high tempo offense with a lot of scoring. These situations aren't always the case, but they happen quite a bit.

But what about vehicles? What would an NFL team resemble as a car? Well, the folks over at put the idea to the test. In the AFC North version, there are four different vehicles that describe what the 2015 season resembled for each team. Take a look (image courtesy via CJ Pony

CJ Pony

  • For the Cincinnati Bengals, they basically describe the team as one with a lot of talent, but doesn't play well in prime time games which is evident as the Bengals are not only 0-7 in the playoffs under head coach Marvin Lewis, they haven't won a playoff game in 25 years.
  • For the Pittsburgh Steelers, they describe them as a team that was the last men standing in terms of their postseason success this year which is why they were labeled as, "The strong of the strong". But we know that wasn't the case in one area as they got swept by the Ravens this past season.
  • Now this one with the Baltimore Ravens, I couldn't tell if they were describing the overall talent on the team as a whole or just Joe Flacco. But if they are referencing Flacco, he certainly had the worst year of his career as he missed not only one game, but six games for first time in his career. Flacco, from 2008-through week 11 of the 2015 season, never missed a start in his career including the playoffs.
  • In regards to the Browns, the only years Browns fans want to keep since the team's history was re-ignited in Cleveland in 1999, are the 2002 and 2007 seasons. Those two seasons are the only winning seasons the Browns have had over the last 17 seasons.
  • There are a lot more vehicles to look at. Check them out more at