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Development with Bills RB LeSean McCoy could impact the Ravens during the 2016 season

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As the Baltimore Ravens get ready for the 2016 season, they will host the Buffalo Bills at home which is the same team that Bills runningback LeSean McCoy plays for. As noted in the recent days, McCoy got into a physical dispute with off-duty police officers in Philadelphia during Super Bowl Sunday according to multiple reports.

If it is true that McCoy was involved, he will most likely be suspended and the Bills could miss him for a good amount of games. Games that could feature the Ravens depending on how the scheduling works out when it gets released in the offseason. McCoy being absent for the Bills in a game against the Ravens would be a big break for Baltimore.

The last time the Ravens faced McCoy was during the 2012 season when he was playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles defeated the Ravens that day while McCoy and the Eagles rushed for 129 yards on 41 carries with quarterback Michael Vick at the helm.

The double threat of running options at quarterback and at runningback existed that day going up against the Eagles and it could be the same thing with Bills/former Ravens quarterback Tyrod Taylor in the fold.

However, a game that McCoy can't play in is always a positive for the opposing defense.