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Terrence Brooks hopes to see field more often

Third season make or break for the Ravens safety

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

While the discussions of late have been whether to keep self-proclaimed cornerback turned safety Lardarius Webb, Terrence Brooks has been simmering.

"For the most part, as the safety you have to be the quarterback of the defense, You want to get the trust of your defensive coordinator and your coaches and things like that. I can't blame anyone else but me for that situation. I'm just going to take that into the offseason and really have a chip on my shoulder and do what I'm supposed to do." -Terrence Brooks on previous seasons playing time

It is true that Terrence hasn't exactly perfomed to expectations, but I would like to give an easy and polite pass to a man whom rehabbed a torn ACL & MCL during the off-season.

Most people expect to see players return to super-human form, but not all athletes work that way. Not everyone is Adrian Peterson, the shining example of all fans to see surgery become almost a benefit for some crazy reason.

I expect a healthy off-season to compliment Brooks efforts for the upcoming 2016-17 season. Terrence also thought the same thing, saying, "Now that I can see the way I can move around, I can actually see what I need to work on."

The competition won't be easy, with both starters Will Hill III and Kendrick Lewis both returning, and also in competition will be Webb if not cut for cap savings. Another safety not being discussed is former first round pick Matt Elam, who's training camp looked outstanding before a torn biceps muscle sidelined the expected blossoming youngster.

All that is left is for somebody to execute, and Terrence believes that will be him come start of the regular season.