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Free Agency: Josh Gordon to the Baltimore Ravens?

Would the Ravens take a shot on Josh Gordon?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports


Now wouldn't that be something to hear. Small rumors have been bouncing around with Josh Gordon and the Cleveland Browns deciding whether or not to clean house once again to fix the re-occuring issues with the franchise. After Hue Jackson has been hired, re-placing Mike Pettine at Head Coach, word is he hasn't talked with hot shot Johnny Manziel after his foolish and constant stupidity off the field. Another reason for the intolerance is Manziel's incapability to be a starting NFL quarterback. Would the same happen to Gordon?

Now Gordon is clearly a different beast. A hyper talented NFL receiver whom obvious skill and talent in his position means he may be worth the struggle. Gordon is somebody whom can change the entire field, but his repetitive mistakes has landed him full season suspensions. Josh Gordon has applied for re-instatement to the NFL according to Tony Grossi, ESPN writer whom covers the Cleveland Browns. Maybe, just maybe, Josh Gordon is for real this time.

While the opportunity isn't exactly big, the thought of Gordon being available is still more likely than Lloyd Christmas and Mary Swanson being together. The question is, will Hue Jackson take the chance on another player whom struggles to see the field due to personal issues, or will he attempt to cut or trade the wide-out, starting fresh?

If the Browns were to cut Gordon, ESPN's Jamison Hensley wrote, "The Ravens would absolutely be interested in Gordon,"

Would or should Baltimore pull the trigger on a cut Josh Gordon? No doubt.

Steve Smith Sr. and Josh Gordon as two star wide-outs for the Ravens could easily become a disaster and match-up nightmare for opposition. Breshad Perriman (if he's real) would also cause difficulties for teams with the ridiculous speed in his possession. Kamar Aiken being a #4 receiver would bully the dime and nickel cornerbacks as the big-bodied possession does against more talented CB's. Look at me, already salivating over such an idea.

Is the chance real; more than likely not. Hue Jackson needs to start off strong with Cleveland, and if re-instated the roster strength is better than without Gordon in the line-up.

Hensley also wrote, "Gordon probably won't be available until 2018 at the earliest. He's under contract for nearly $1.1 million in 2016, which is a pittance for a playmaking receiver, and he's a restricted free agent in 2017. It's hard to imagine new coach Hue Jackson letting go of Gordon. If Gordon is suspended again, he will be banned indefinitely and the Browns won't have to pay him. If he plays, the Browns have a premium weapon for a rookie quarterback." I also love the notion the Browns will have another rookie QB starting, putting Johnny Football as another wasted draft pick for the Clevaland Browns in the first round.

Hensley mentions, " The key, like their initial deals with the likes of Ryan Mallett, Will Hill, and Terence west, is giving a deal that has not much in guaranteed money. That makes it a no risk and a tremendous reward."

The Ravens lately have won the risky pick ups. Ryan Mallett won against the Pittsburgh Steelers after his mistakes got him cut from the Texans. Will Hill was another suspension from joining Gordon in full season suspensions, and turned into a top 10 safety in the league, even with the terrible secondary hurting his positive numbers. These players took small money to prove they're actually worth the work, and will earn the money as they must once again after their history. The Ravens can only hope that such another event to the likes of Josh Gordon falling into their lap. Hopefully a cut Gordon would love to get back at Cleveland by signing with Baltimore to rub it in twice a season.