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Power Rankings place Ravens in or near Top 10!

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Receiving the respect they’ve earned? Yes. Enough respect? Not quite.

The Baltimore Ravens clearly proved their tenacity against the Miami Dolphins. From their absolutely suffocating defense to an offense with high powered potential. When both sides plays four full quarters, they’re impervious.

The power rankings for the Ravens are as follows:

Washington Post: 11
SB Nation: 10
Yahoo!: 12
Bleacher/Report: 9
CBS: 9
USAToday: 11 8

Calling out: Washington Post, SBNation, Yahoo!, USAToday and ESPN. All publishers have the Pittsburgh Steelers higher than the Ravens. Yes, the team who beat the Steelers is lower than the Steelers. Baltimore didn’t allow Pittsburgh to PASS THE FIFTY YARD LINE until 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, but yet somehow their ranked as a lesser team.

Exciting news, the top 10 Ravens will be duking it out against the number two New England Patriots. Two heavyweight squads will assuredly be something to watch, be prepared for a great game.