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Ravens record still stands, biggest Monday Night Blowout, Baltimore Ravens vs. Green Bay Packers 2005

Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Nick Wass/Getty Images

You may be thinking, “Why on Earth is Kyle Boller a headlining image in the year 2016?” It’s because the embarrassing blowout last night by the Indinapolis Colts on the New York Jets brought up old feelings.

Here I have two statlines from a Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens Monday Night game. One statline is Kyle Boller, the other, Brett Favre.

Quarterback 1: 14/29 | 144 Yards | 0 TD | 2 INT | QBR 34.3
Quarterback 2: 19/27 | 253 Yards | 3 TD | 0 INT | QBR 136.8

Kyle Boller was QB 2 that night, and playing like the #1 quarterback in the NFL. It was such a blowout a young Aaron Rodgers was put into the game at the start of the fourth quarter. His second play, a strip sack from Adalius Thomas recovered by Bart Scott. If that’s a bad start, the ending of the game for Rodgers was even worse; with only thirty seconds left in the game Chad Williams strip sacked Rodgers and Adalius Thomas scooped it up for a 35 yard touchdown!

The final score still stands as the biggest Monday Night Football blowout: 48-3. A glorious December night at M&T Bank Stadium.