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Interception stats completely revitalized from 2015 season

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Last season the Baltimore Ravens were clearly struggling in the turnover battle. With only six interceptions and the secondary and linebacker units couldn’t find the X-factor. Not the case this year, as the Ravens defense has intercepted 14 passes!

A few reasons for such a shift must include two notable players, Eric Weddle and Zachary Orr.

Zachary Orr’s play this season is above and beyond expectations. Orr has gone from undrafted free agent with good production and potential to full blown starting linebacker. His coverage ability gives C.J. Mosley room to cheat up on the line or also fall back into the zone. Lately it’s been the latter, as the trenches for Baltimore are insurmountable and Mosley falls back on tight end’s or crossing route receivers. Its paid off too, with three interceptions for Mosley. One, if you folks remember, being a glorious one-handed backward-diving pick!

Getting back to Zachary Orr, in the same game as Mosley’s pick Orr made the game-winning interception.

As previously mentioned, the interception bug has fallen upon the Ravens with Eric Weddle’s presence also. The safety truly corralled the talented group and helped to gel the boys together. Instead of two or three cornerbacks and two safeties on the field, they’re one secondary unit. It’s proven itself with nine interceptions from corners & safeties. Last season, the Ravens had only six picks total, five from the secondary.

Weddle is the safety Baltimore needed. Ravens fans raved over the signing while others believed he was past his prime. All Baltimore needed was a smart veteran with a voice to fix the issues and the Ravens received even more. A true general on the back end with compassion for his teammates and the game itself.