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Baltimore Beatdown’s Top stories of 2016!

Stories NFL fans read the most from Baltimore Beatdown

NFL: Preseason-Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

After a suggestion from Arrowhead Prides’ Joel Thorman, I looked back on Baltimore Beatdown’s top stories of 2016. The biggest stories weren’t about a single win for the Ravens. No playoffs last year and this year not helping the cause.

7. If the Ravens lose to the Redskins, the Ravens are your 2016 Super Bowl Champions

If only it were true. . .

6. Bengals Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones commit personal fouls to give Steelers the win

A charged playoff game with dirty hits coming from the Bengals in the waning seconds. Everybody wanted to read about the Cincinnati meltdown.

6. Free Agency: Josh Gordon to the Baltimore Ravens?

A lot of wishful thinking from yours truly in this article. If only Ozzie and Harbaugh could acquire him and turn his personal life around for the better

5. 2016 NFL Draft: AFC North Grades

The first round of the AFC North and just about every franchise landed their picks. Browns with a fresh receiver, Ravens receiving a stalwart tackle and the Steelers with a young-gun cornerback.

4. Top fantasy football starts and sits for Week 1

Everybody needs their fantasy advice.

3. Joey Bosa to hold out if drafted by the Baltimore Ravens

Oh good, my satire article made the top three. . . In this article I included his ‘video statement’ of him denying the Ravens. It’s a rickroll. There even was an Editor’s Note informing readers of the April Fools. Didn’t stop readers from only seeing the title and making snap judgments.

2. Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict should be banned from the NFL

After a highlight reel of dirty play and a disgusting hit on Antonio Brown in the playoffs, former Manager Matt Stevens wrote an article detailing the consistent crimes by the Bengals linebacker.

  1. Ravens’ Ben Watson gives fantastic response regarding Colin Kaepernick and National Anthem

Possibly the biggest headline of 2016, the Colin Kaepernick/National Anthem debacle left many up in arms, on both sides. This article reached everywhere. Retweets and shares on social media in the thousands. At one point Charles Woodson reposted it on his Facebook page.