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Steve Smith Sr. to retire following Sunday’s game

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Today was Steve Smith Sr.’s second to final press conference, as he responded to retirement questions.

“I’m about 89 percent sure,” Smith said. “Pretty sure I know what I’m going to do. I got great support from my family. My wife supports me whichever way I want to go. My boys want me to still play. But there’s a little girl, named Baylee Smith, who wants her daddy home. Football is a conduit. Something that—it gives you— it’s a platform. Good and bad, but it gives you an opportunity. Football has given me more than I can probably give football back. For the 2016, ‘17 and beyond, this is probably my last game.”

For those who read “89 percent” and became excited with the remaining numbers left, don’t even bother. Unfortunately one reporter did and Smith Sr. quickly responded, before the question was finished.

“Bro, just let it be, bro,” Steve said. “Just trying to have a good, nice, press conference. You’re nudging me, I’m telling you. Eighty-nine is my number, might want to pick a different number.”

The answer was filled with attitude, just as we all love.