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Tough to point fingers, Ravens just weren’t good enough

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens 2016 season can be summarized with: not good enough. They handily beat the Dolphins, but lost to the Jets. They went on a four game winning streak, but also lost four straight. The Ravens just weren’t good enough.

When looking back on this game against the Pittsburgh Steelers it’s tough to point where the blame goes. The defense picked Ben twice. The offense scored multiple times, and in clutch situations. The kicking team messed up once, but the defense gave up the game-winning touchdown. Who’s to blame? Everyone.

But don’t forget the Ravens played their asses off and lost. It happens in football, and it’s possibly the most frustrating answer. Dean Pees called bad coverages down the stretch, but let’s not act like he was bad all game. His defense picked off Ben Roethlisberger twice. The Bell cutback rushing touchdown was created from nothing; in fact, Le’Veon Bell almost dropped the exchange. The Ravens didn’t make enough plays, it happens.

Joe Flacco delivered multiple great passes and also some bad throws. What’s new? Every quarterback does so. Receivers dropped passes which needed to be caught, but it didn’t happen.

It’s been only minutes since the loss, but trying to be positive is my nature. Looking ahead, the future is bright. Remember Terrance West, Kenneth Dixon and Kyle Juszczyk playing with their everything. Remember this team not quitting down 24-20. This game hurt, but as I said, the 2016 Ravens just weren’t good enough.