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Prospect preview: Derek Barnett

NCAA Football: Missouri at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Barnett has been the SEC's most productive defender in the last three years. Will his production translate to the pros?

What he does well:

Derek Barnett is the kind of player who has had to refine his skills to make up for lack of athleticism. While not an elite athlete, his get off is consistent since he has learned to consistently time snaps. His motor never stops. Barnett is bound to be a player who clean up a lot of plays. Even if he unable to bend the edge at the tightest of angles, Barnett does a great job of running the arc and flattening to the quarterback once he's had enough steps to beat the offensive tackle.

Where he needs to improve:

The area where Barnett must improve is one where improvement is rarely seen: flexibility. Some guys are born with the innate ability to bend at the hip. Barnett is not one of them. If he fails to improve his flexibility, he will become a payer in the mold of Brian Robison. A consistent, high-energy strong side end, but not exactly a superstar.

Fit with Ravens:

Barnett's skill-set does not fit with the type of rusher the Ravens are likely to prefer. While he is a solid prospect, he does not posses the star potential that will be needed to replace Terrell Suggs

Key Performances:

Barnett's Florida game shows what can be, if he improves his flexibility. His performance featured and eye popping sack. His game against South Carolina however, is perhaps a fairer representation of his play.