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Path to the NFL: UDFA rookie RB Daryl Virgies from Virginia University of Lynchburg

Undrafted free agent rookie RB Daryl Virgies discusses his journey to the NFL and what he plans to do with it.

RB Daryl Virgies

2016 NFL undrafted free agent rookie Daryl Virgies is an athletic running back out of Virginia University of Lynchburg in division III football and he has already caught the eye of quite a few NFL teams in the New York Jets, Green Bay Packers and the Indianapolis Colts. He also had a workout with the Winnipeg Blue bombers in the CFL.

Virgies 2016 measurable stats:

  • Bench press 455 lbs
  • Squat 705 lbs
  • Short shuttle: 4.20 (Pro Day)
  • 40 yard dash: 4.33 (tryout with Indianapolis Colts)
  • Broad Jump: 11.11
  • Vertical Jump: 41'

Virgies was listed in April as the ninth fastest running back in the 2016 NFL Draft class according to surpassing notable names at the position like Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott who is in discussion for NFL MVP.

Virgies took the time to talk to me about his path to the NFL in his first year working out in the pro’s along with discussing his drive to be successful in the league and how he can fit in an NFL offense.

1.) How would you describe your path to the NFL so far?

“Well, my path to the NFL has been real crazy because before the 2016 NFL Draft I bruised my MCL and recovered from that and about a month later I get shot in my right triceps and it was almost time for me to get ready for the NFL draft so I went to the regional combine about 50 percent healed from my gun shot wound and what I did was unreal because i was still injuries and I was setting records.

So now I'm just back home in Trenton, New Jersey training and staying ready because my draft journey is a story because I'm a club football player and I had 15 NFL scouts call me from what I did at my regional combine and my pro day and also I did four NFL workouts so far in 2016. But it has been very hard for me but growing I learned you will go through hard times and situations but it will be on you to fight your way out of it and get to were you need to be because I will no stop until its my time to stop and that is never.”

2.) What drives you?

“What drives me is I'm from a dangerous city and I was once one of those kids and one of those guys that's living the street life daily and I had the blessing to turn my life around and do what is best for me and my future to make things positive in my life so i can come back and talk to these kids and these men that are from my city and many more places that the streets are not everything in life and you can make that change.

My father passed in 2013 and it was really hard cause I grew up with my mom and seven other siblings and I had no dad connection with my father until 2009 and we were really starting to connect because he told me his child hood story and it was unbelievable because we had the same story. . . It was touching because what I seen in him was what I seen in the mirror but my father passed in 2013 and before passing he said he wanted me to make it because he never got to make It in life so go get your dream son and that’s what I'm doing now.”

3.) Who do you model your game after as a running back?

“Well, the traits I have I consider my game compared to Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch.”

4.) What do you think you can bring to an offense?

“I can bring leadership I can bring my speed and my vision and I can bring my physical play style and I can bring my blocking skills.”