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Ravens offense lacks killer instinct and the unit needs to find it soon

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens offense ranks last in the NFL in third down conversions at 33 percent. Even the 0-12 Cleveland Browns convert better on third down than the Ravens offense. Part of the reason for the Ravens struggles to sustain drives has nothing to do with talent. I personally believe that the Ravens have an offense that is talented enough to be a good offense. The biggest problem with this unit is the lack of a killer instinct.

As many of you, I checked out the Ravens opening drive this past Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals it was an efficient drive that gave the Ravens an early 7-0 lead. It looked like the Ravens were piecing things together finally on offense until the unit just stalled for the rest of the game. The Ravens offense basically relied on kicker Justin Tucker and the Ravens defense to seal the win. That happens when a team ranks 23rd in yards per game and 24th in points per game like the Ravens.

There is no identity right now with the Ravens offense and you get the sense sometimes that Ravens players and coaches on sidelines are not sure of what to do in terms of a gameplan on gameday. There are times over the course of a game where the Ravens run the ball really well and just choose not to run the ball anymore for the rest of the game. There are times where the Ravens have a good offensive drive going and someone on offense commits a holding penalty that stalls the Ravens momentum and the unit can’t recover.

If the Ravens ever want to be a good offense, the unit can’t be conservative. Joe Flacco, as the leader and quarterback of this team, can’t keep throwing passes short of the first down marker on third downs. It just can’t happen. It is 3rd and 7 for example and Flacco throws a five yard pass and it is time to punt or settle for a field goal. It is ridiculous and Flacco knows better than that.

Marc Trestman is no longer the offensive coordinator in Baltimore. Open some things up down the field and don’t worry about making risky throws. Attack the defense. The Ravens need to learn how to put its foot on the opponent’s throat. Having several games be decided by eight points or less over the last two seasons is not a way to win the NFL and close games can easily come back to haunt you.