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ICYMI: Ravens WR Mike Wallace doesn’t regret his time in Miami

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Mike Wallace once upon a time spent two seasons with the Miami Dolphins from 2013-2014 as Miami signed him to a five-year deal worth 60 million dollars in the 2013 offseason.

In those two seasons with the Dolphins, Wallace recorded 140 receptions for 1,792 yards and 15 touchdowns. In the end, the Dolphins front office didn’t feel like Wallace was worth the money and they traded him to the Minnesota Vikings in 2015 which eventually led him to sign with the Ravens this past offseason.

Now that the Ravens are getting ready to face Wallace’s old team in the Dolphins this Sunday, how does he feel? Pretty good actually.

That’s a good and honest way of looking at it. Most players in professional sports give the politically correct answer that it isn’t about the money when they sign a big contract when we all know that is certainly the case. How can anyone hate someone who makes them rich?

Besides, Wallace is having a bounce back season with the Ravens as he currently ranks 11th in the NFL in receiving yards at 792 and is currently tied for fifth in the NFL with four receptions of 40 yards or more.