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Baltimore Ravens vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Gamethread

Birds team collide!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Both the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers control their own destiny in the final stretch, as their Christmas Day matchup provides season-breaking opportunity for both sides. While they are obviously focused on the holiday matchup, neither can ignore the players today. Baltimore, in their all blacks, will be hosting a down but not out Eagles squad.

This game will not be a high-octane attack by either side, both being led by strugglesome offenses. Carson Wentz has been without receiving help for almost the entire season, while the Ravens still haven't realized you can in fact run the ball and gain yards.

Defensively, the Ravens are without Jimmy Smith, who, in my opinion, is the teams defensive MVP. The only positive, the Eagles receivers not being a talented bunch.

A (hopeful) step in the right direction will be the addition of Michael Campanaro, the teams returning return man. After Devin Hester was cut this week they brought back the injury prone former seventh rounder, in hopes he can at least catch the ball rather than let it roll down to the one.

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