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OPINION: Terrell Suggs needs to stop talking about facing the Patriots

The Ravens linebacker needs to focus on reaching the playoffs before a Patriots rematch.

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

While the Baltimore Ravens did demonstrate great resiliency and fight on Monday night, they were nevertheless outclassed and humiliated against the New England Patriots. Once again, the offensive game plan was a head scratcher and the defense, on the road against a quality offense, was torched. Not only that, but once again the Ravens defense could not muster any sort of consistent pass rush on Tom Brady.

For the third straight time, Brady and the Patriots offense took this Ravens defense to school and taught them a lesson the hard way. In the three games between these two rivals since the 2012 AFC Championship game, Brady has completed 77 passes for 975 yards and has thrown for 8 touchdowns. That's not good. In terms of sacks, well the Ravens have only brought down Brady five times in those three games.

Despite this, Ravens outside linebacker and the man who hates Brady so much to the point he won't say the man's name like he's Voldermont, Terrell Suggs, had a few choice of words about the Patriots as he exited into the tunnel. Video surfaced of Suggs saying "They better hope they don't see us again", referring to a potential rematch in the playoffs. First, Baltimore has to get there, unlike the Patriots who pretty much guarantee themselves a spot in the playoffs the second they step on the field for OTA's. The Ravens meanwhile, would not be in the playoffs if the season ended today. Their season could be potentially all but ended this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Usually, when Suggs displays this type of bravado against an opponent, I don't have a problem with it. I just accept it and know that this is "T-Sizzle." He's been one of the best defensive players in the game over the last decade, and this is how he gets himself amped up for games. This is the same guy that goes up to the opposing team's fans for road games and talks trash to them during pregame. This is the same guy who looked at Denver Broncos fans during the 2012 AFC Divisional Playoff game and said "Don't you wish at a time like this ya'll had Tim Tebow?" Classic.

Unfortunately, when I watched the video, I couldn't back him this time. I put my hand over my face and said "Just shut up." That's the first time I've ever said that about Suggs. Never once have I felt he should just shut his mouth and stop talking, but after Monday night, my feeling was he needs to focus on what's ahead before ever seeing the Patriots again.

For once, the man known as "T-Sizzle" or "Darth Sizzle", needs to just be humble and accept defeat. While I have no problem that Suggs believes this, and hopefully the rest of the team feels the same way, they are not on the Patriots level. Not anymore. Suggs shouldn't open his mouth while the cameras are on him and say this. Not at this point in time. It just makes him look bad and, quite frankly, it makes him look like a sore loser. If you do believe it, keep it in house and within your teammates.

While Suggs is busy talking about the Patriots before and after a game between these two teams, lets take a look at Suggs's performance against New England during this current three-game losing streak the team finds itself in versus Tom Brady and company. Does Suggs maybe have a reason to back up his talk when it comes to his own individual play against his bitter rival? Especially considering the fact that Brady has been lights out against Baltimore recently? The answer is, well, no.

Remember when I said that Brady has been sacked only five times over the last three games against the Ravens? Suggs is only responsible for just one and that lone sack came three years ago during a Patriots 41-7 rout of the Ravens in Baltimore. In defense of Suggs, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick deserves a ton of credit for constantly taking Suggs out of the game and forcing other guys to get to Brady. Elvis Dumervil has been no better than Suggs against New England ever since he came to Baltimore. Again, that's a testament to how darn good Belichick and the Patriots offensive line is when it comes to protecting Brady.

Don't get me wrong, Suggs is still a great player. The fact that he is playing as well as he is this season coming off his second torn Achilles and dealing with a biceps injury he suffered against the New York Giants, is amazing. Despite this, it doesn't change the fact that Suggs just needs to stop talking about the Patriots and keep spilling this narrative that the Ravens are a threat to the Patriots. The Ravens are no longer a threat to them because New England is not scared of the Ravens. The Patriots ran over Baltimore on national television Monday night to further prove it once and for all. Before Suggs even thinks about a potential rematch with New England, he's got to focus on helping the Ravens reach the playoffs and get the Patriots out of his head.

Words will always come back to bite you if you don't think clearly. If the Ravens don't make the playoffs this season, the words that were spouted off by Suggs will be laughed at by many all across New England and make Suggs look like a complete fool. That would be even more embarrassing for the Baltimore Ravens when it comes to this rivalry with the Patriots. Especially for Terrell Suggs.