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Colin Cowherd has the worst take of all time

NFL: Super Bowl 50-Radio Row Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that FS1 is making a completely shameless attempt to recreate the infamous “Embrace Debate” ESPN platform that grated on viewers and brought about the rise of the hated “hot take” media.

Some famous takesmen from the embrace debate era have been lured over to the network to ply their trade in lowest common denominator programming, with some of the more recognizable names being Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd.

After the Baltimore Ravens Monday night loss to the New England Patriots, Cowherd had some choice words for Ravens head coach John Harbaugh in what is likely the hottest take of 2016.

This is ridiculous on multiple levels, with the first one being that Harbaugh doesn't dress like an early 2000’s nightclub owner with a mullet-mustache combo to match. Seriously, with all due respect to Hollywood Jeff, he needs to update his look a bit.

Going back to the original point, Cowherd really does seem to be reaching to get a reaction. Before making a statement like this he needs to consider the fact that Fisher is now the losingest head coach in NFL history, while Harbaugh is a few years removed from winning a Super Bowl.

His recent record is certainly not up to par with what we've come to expect from him, but Harbaugh isn't to the point that he’ll have to personally reassure his team that he’s not going 7-9 (unsuccessfully of course).

Perhaps the most precious part of this is that if the Ravens walked out of Gillette as winners on Monday night, Cowherd would likely be singing Harbaugh’s praises as he led the show with a “what’s wrong with the Patriots?” segment.

Another day, another terrible take from what is quickly becoming a crude and annoying facsimile of something that was crude and annoying five years ago. Come back to us FS1.