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Baltimore Ravens: Three Game Balls Vs. New England Patriots

Credit: Getty Images / Rob Carr

The Ravens went into New England needing a win to maintain their division lead. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be and they now sit a game behind the Steelers in AFC North division race.

Here are three Ravens deserving Game Balls after the match-up against the Patriots:

Special Teams:

If it weren't for the Ravens special teams, this game is a blowout. The Patriots with two critical mistakes led to two Ravens touchdowns.

Special teams has been up-and-down for the Ravens this season. From blocking kicks to the lack of return specialists, the roller coaster hasn’t ceased. The positives tonight though, two recoveries amounting towards 14 points for Baltimore.

Eric Weddle:

Weddle looked like the only one making plays on defense, producing a sack and an interception. Ozzie Newsome did well with this free agent acquisition. The Ravens needed a leader in the secondary and Weddle delivered. This game no doubt would have been an even uglier loss if not for Weddle and his big plays. I'm a huge fan of Weddle and the way he plays.

Jimmy Smith:

You really don’t know how much Smith means to this defense until he is out of the game. The Ravens defense played well with Smith on the field. Once Smith left the game with an ankle injury, the Ravens defense imploded. The second half became very different for the Ravens defense. Clearly the defense is much much better with Jimmy Smith manning one side all game long.