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3 Keys to Beating the New England Patriots

Divisional Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The Ravens head into New England to take on the Patriots Monday Night. Here are 3 Keys to beating the Patriots.

1. Control the time of possession:

The Ravens need to have some balance on offense if they want to win this game. It all starts with clock management. If the Ravens can have some success running the ball, they will be able to keep the Patriots defense honest and will be able to sustain long drives. The play action pass will also be effective if the running game is successful.

2. Be physical

When the Ravens are at their best, they play physical football. Most teams aren’t used to hard hitting football, but the Ravens aren’t known as a soft team. In the past few Ravens victories against Tom Brady and the Patriots, the Ravens defense was the difference maker. They shut down the high-powered offense and made Tom Brady uncomfortable in the pocket. If Brady gets time and is comfortable in the pocket, then that’s when he’s most dangerous and that’s not a good thing for any defense.

3. Contain the offensive weapons

If the Ravens have any chance of beating the New England Patriots, the Ravens need to contain the offensive weapons that Tom Brady has. If the Ravens contain Julian Edelman, James White, and Dion Lewis, the chances of a win increases tremendously. Being the top ranked defense is a good story line for this game, but that means nothing against the Patriots, they are a different animal. You see how the Ravens defense did against the Dallas Cowboys offensive weapons. Bill Belichick will be prepared for the Ravens defense so I’m intrigued as to what will transpire during the game.