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Cornerback preview: Sidney Jones

The best corner in the class

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Sidney Jones can be considered a riser. The name is not familiar to most, probably due to the fact he plays on the West coast. Like Marcus Peters and Desmond Truant before him, Jones is likely to come out as the best corner of this class

What he does well:

Everything. Jones is at another level. His experience as a three-year starter shows when the ball is in the air. Whether he is in position to make a play on the ball or is trailing the receiver does not seem to matter, as he never panics. His composure in these situation will remind fans of Richard Sherman. Jones has the length to play in trail and even as a bigger cornerback, he can play with the seven to nine yard cushion required in cover 3 and cover 4 zone. He is able to transition out of his back pedal and drive and close on routes with regularity.

Where he struggles:

Jones is a complete prospect. However, a nitpicking knock is his ability to plaster when plays breakdown. However, all corners will have trouble to cover for more then five seconds. This issue is minor.

Fit with the Ravens:

Jones has no notable deficiencies. His name is not at the top of many lists but his imminent rise could take him out of range for the Ravens. If he hovers around the mid first round come draft night, he would be a shoe-in pick with Baltimore and perhaps a candidate for defensive rookie of the year.

Where to watch him:

This Saturday against USC. Jones will match up against Juju Smith-Schuster, one of the class' best receivers. He has a chance to announce himself to the national audience, if he has not already.