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Post Game: Steelers surge too late, Ravens first in AFC North

Ravens back in first!

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Ravens protect home field, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 14-21.

It took nearly fifty minutes from the Pittsburgh Steelers to cross midfield, but by then it was too late. The Ravens had scored 21 points and Ben Roethlisberger couldn’t deliver.

The game started with a Pittsburgh 3 & out, which occured ten straight times this game. Baltimore then started twice at the forty yard line with nothing to show for. After a great punt by the Steelers, Baltimore was backed up deep. Suddenly, a slant route for Mike Wallace turned into a ninety five yard touchdown!

The rest of the half was filled with struggling offenses duking it out. Baltimore would drive and stall from penalties, whereas the Steelers could not cross the fifty yard line. One final drive before halftime, the Ravens marched down to get a field goal. Ronnie Stanley commit a costly penalty (one of four), but the Steelers answered with one of their own. Justin Tucker didn’t care either way, nailing the field goal, creating a 10-0 lead.

Second half filled with more of the same. Ravens marches coming up empty and the Steelers somehow unable to get first downs. The only memorable score being Justin Tucker’s field goal in the third.

Fourth quarter was when things got hairy. Two minutes into the fourth the Steelers are set to punt. Somehow they forgot to block Javorius Allen, and Buck blocks the punt! Chris Moore recovered his second special teams mishap and scores his second touchdown.

Halfway through the fourth Pittsburgh must have realized they can also use their own offense and Ben starts slinging it. Chunks of yards taken here and there until finally Antonio Brown gets a touchdown pass from Big Ben. The Ravens go three and out once more and find themselves letting up another touchdown, this time Ben Roethlisberger takes it in himself on a four yard pocket break. The Ravens can never just win, can they?

But it all turned out okay. After the ugliest kick in football history, the Ravens get the pigskin and kneel it out, leaving the game in first place in the AFC North.