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Watch: Javorius Allen blocks punt, Chris Moore recovers, Ravens Touchdown!

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

For the second straight game, the Ravens special teams unit found the endzone.

Pittsburgh set up to punt from inside their own redzone. The Ravens front crashed through the Steelers’ line. RB Javorius “Buck” Allen got through to Steelers P Jordan Berry, and was able to block the punt. The ball rolled toward the endzone. WR Chris Moore was the first to the ball, scooped it up, and fell into the endzone for a touchdown.

This was Moore’ second straight game where he recovered a blocked punt for a touchdown. The score put the Ravens up 19-0

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The Ravens elected to go for two, and QB Joe Flacco found WR Steve Smith Sr. in the front of the endzone, extending the Ravens lead to 21-0.

The three score lead did not last long however. QB Ben Roethlisberger led his Steelers down the field, and found Antonio Brown for a touchdown, decreasing the Ravens’ lead to 21-7