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WATCH: Mike Wallace goes 95 yards to the house

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For an offense looking for a boost in the passing game, Mike Wallace just provided a massive jolt.

The Ravens’ defense forced Pittsburgh to punt from near midfield, and proceeded to pin Baltimore very deep in their own end with a superb special teams play.

Recently, field positioning like that would be a death sentence for the Ravens offense, but not today. Flacco passed to Wallace short and inside the the numbers. Mike Wallace shook off Mike Mitchell, not a good day for the Steelers safety so far, and burned the Steelers defense with his superhuman speed on his way to the endzone.

Credit: u/Exnihilation of

The 95 yard reception is the Ravens’ longest play from scrimmage in the regular season in team history.

Wallace’s big play, followed by a Justin Tucker extra point, gave the Ravens a 7-0 lead.

Of note, having a healthy offensive line worked wonders for the Ravens today, as both the passing game and the running game have found success in the first quarter against the Steelers.