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numberFire stats: from playoff odds to fantasy

Baltimore Ravens v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Thanks to our good friends at numberFire, Baltimore Beatdown has metrics on quite a few items. I sure do appreciate the emails and updates from them and a simple shoutout is deserved. Give them a look when you’re not using us as your homepage!

numberFire currently has the Ravens at a 52.4% probability to win against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Any time the oddsmakers give Baltimore a few extra percentages I get nervous, but I have a good feeling about this matchup. More than anything, I have some serious hope pushing that faith; it’s been a rough five weeks.

They also have the Ravens sitting at a measly 18.7% chance at playoffs. I commend them for the one in five chance, seeing as the back half of the schedule is a gauntlet.

The Ravens rank 23 of 32 in their team rankings. Definitely deserved, but even then, not far from the AFC North leading Steelers, sitting at 22.

numberFire also gave me this cool little widget, giving you fantasy football leaders for the Baltimore Ravens in week 9! My only disagreement, I believe Terrance West will be the leading scorer. His value on the ground & pound will be demonstrated. His toughness combined with speed and agility will provide the boost Baltimore needs to win!